Pro Football Hall of Fame Releases Rare Audio of Vince Lombardi Press Conference After Super Bowl I (Audio)


When the NFL and AFL decided to have their respective champions play each other back in 1967, nobody knew the event would grow into the biggest sporting spectacle in the world. For that reason video and audio recordings of the first ever Super Bowl are very rare.

That’s what makes the audio you are about to hear so special.

This week, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has released a rare audio recording that includes the Super Bowl I postgame press conference of Vince Lombardi. In it the legendary Packers coach shares his candid thoughts about how the AFL’s top team, the Kansas City Chiefs, stacked up against NFL competition.

The audio was recorded by a former TV production manager named Dave Little, who, appropriately enough, hails from Canton, Ohio. He told the Hall of Fame that he recorded the audio of the television broadcast simply because he loved broadcasting.

“Back in that day I had no professional knowledge of broadcasting,” Little explains. “I knew how to connect a tape recorder to the entrance of a television set. I could directly record the audio from the TV broadcast on to a reel to reel tape machine so I recorded the whole game and the post-game on a quarter of an inch audio tape. I just put it away. I folded a box up and put it away in the house and kept it in climate control conditions.”

The Lombardi interview starts at the five-minute mark of the video below. A reporter asks him how the AFL compares to the NFL, to which Lombardi replies, “I have nothing to say.” However, when the subject comes up again at the eight-minute mark, Lombardi drops the truth bomb.

Have a listen:

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