Ciara’s Ex ‘Future’ Sends Falcons Jersey To Son After Russell Wilson Loses in Playoffs

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Leading up to the game between the Seahawks and Falcons last week, there was a lot of talk about whether the Falcons would be playing any music by rapper ‘Future’ to throw Seahawks QB Russell Wilson off his game. While Falcons coach Dan Quinn stated they wouldn’t, music was played by Future anyway, and he also showed up on the sidelines.

The Falcons came out victorious and according to, Future got extremely petty by sending a gift to his son to rub the win in Wilson’s face.

“The music artist reportedly got carried away after the victory of his home team and sent Falcons jerseys to his three-year-old son with Ciara, Future Zahir. The singer allegedly plans to bring his son for the next playoff game and wants him to support the Falcons despite the fact that Future Jr’s step-father, Wilson, plays for the Seahawks.

Future loves his Falcons and was so impressed with Matt Ryan’s performance that immediately after the game he sent several child size Ryan jerseys to Ciara and Russell’s for his son to wear. He doesn’t think it’s being petty. He plans on bringing Future Jr. to the next playoff game and wants his son to support the Falcons and be part of the winning squad with a phenomenal quarterback as they make a run for the Super Bowl,” the source told Hollywood Life.

“Like any dad, Future wants to bond with his kid and take him to ball games and what better way than to be on the sidelines at a Falcons game,” the source concludes.”

Ciara was having none of that and posted Future Jr. in a Seahawks jersey.


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