Steroid Poster Boy Jose Canseco Goes on Entertaining Twitter Rant About PEDs and Baseball Hall of Fame (Tweets)

Jose Canseco

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Jose Canseco has very strong opinions regarding Major League Baseball’s Steroid Era. Why wouldn’t he? He hit 462 home runs and won the 1988 American League MVP Award thanks to steroids.

On Wednesday, the Baseball Hall of Fame will announce the class of 2017. And with players from the Steroid Era expected to get voted in—including longtime Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell—Canseco decided it was the perfect time to go on another one of his semi-cogent rants.

You ready for this? Okay, let’s start with these:

It is entirely unclear what Canseco means by “clean up the Hall of Fame voting system,” or what “inside information” he’s referring to. Does he want to keep fellow PED users out of the Hall? Does he want to get them in? Who knows.

But hey, let’s read on:

Um, okay.

Oooo, good one!

That one is totally true. Sick burn, Jose.

Alright now, leave Jeff Bagwell out of it.

Congratulations, Pudge. You have a powerful ally.

That was fun, huh? Unfortunately, now Jose has to go back to selling tanning beds and modelling ladies’ evening wear until next year’s HOF vote.

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