Roger Goodell To Chargers Fans in San Diego: ‘We Feel Your Pain. We’re Hurting, Too.’ (Video)


According to commissioner Roger Goodell, the entire NFL feels the same pain as Chargers fans, who were left out in the cold in San Diego.

The Chargers were formally welcomed into Los Angeles in a press conference and pep rally on Wednesday that brought out 10’s of 20’s of roaring Chargers fans in the L.A. area. After the event, Goodell decided to share some thoughts for the fans in San Diego.

“We’re hurting, too,” Goodell said in a video captured by Marty Caswell of 1090AM in San Diego. “We feel bad for the fans that are there because we know how much they supported the Chargers and that’s why we all worked so hard to get that stadium fixed.”

“We’re disappointed for the fans, we’re disappointed for ourselves,” Goodell said.

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