Insane Video: University of Florida Bass Fishing Team Ejected from Boat Going 57 MPH

university of florida bass fishing team ejected from boat at 57mph

Some absolutely insane video courtesy of the University of Florida bass fishing team today. And yes, there is a University of Florida bass fishing team.

In the video, Gator Bassmasters Hunter Bland and Conner Young were traveling along in their boat at 57 mph when the steering system malfunctioned. All of the sudden the boat veers sharply to the right, throwing both guys out portside.

Fortunately both Bland and Young were wearing life vests and kill switches, and neither of them broke their necks upon hitting the water.

The whole terrifying scene was captured by their on-board camera. Both guys were shaken up, as you would expect, but they quickly confirm to each other that they are not seriously injured. Upon climbing back into the boat another boat comes by to check on them, and one guy says, “I just need to breathe for a second.”

Take a look:

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Talk about a close call. Glad these Gators are alright.

For those who might be wondering, college bass fishing is actually a pretty big deal with over 600 teams in the United States. However, most are club teams, and the sport is in no way affiliated with the NCAA, meaning anglers are free to accept money from sponsors and keep their tournament winnings.

Of course, every once in a while you almost kill yourself in a boating accident. So you have to take the good with the bad.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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