12-Year-Old LeBron James Jr. Shows Off Talents in Latest Highlight Video


I don’t think too many people questioned whether LeBron James Jr. would be a decent basketball player. But I don’t know if ANYONE predicted this.

At just 12-years-old, he’s running circles around other players on the court, dwarfing them with his size and dwarfing them with his talent.

Check out the video here, and start taking bets as to where he’s going to college and where he’ll be drafted:

According to the video, these highlights were taken from the Northeast Bluechips 2023 team as they played a tourney in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, going undefeated.

Bear in mind that the kids he’s playing against are also some of the best, which makes LeBron Jr.’s dominance that much more impressive.

It’s a little crazy to judge a player at 12, but he’s got vision, handles, speed, and size. Basically, he looks like a little version of his dad.

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