Ricky Williams Searched & Questioned By Police Because Someone Said He Was Walking Suspiciously (Video)

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Former NFL running back Ricky Williams shared a story about how he was recently detained by police officers because a 911 caller stated that his walking was very suspicious.

“Williams talked about the incident Wednesday on the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show, which airs on KLBJ FM in Austin.

“I took about an hour walk and when I came back around toward the hotel I saw a police car pull up toward me,” Williams told the hosts.

Officers detained, searched and questioned Williams for several minutes, then released him.

Police body cameras were rolling as officers spoke with Williams.

“Do you know how many times I’ve been messed with by cops just for being black?” Williams can be heard asking officers on-camera.

“I understand it,” Williams told KLBJ Wednesday.. “They’re not used to seeing people. When they get a call they have to follow-up. I hope hopefully after this situation they realize black lives do matter.”

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