Prior to the Season, More People Had Bet on the Browns to Win the Super Bowl Than the Falcons


There was so little interest in betting on a Falcons Super Bowl championship at the start of the season that shifting the odds from 40-1 to 100-1 couldn’t even drum up more takers. According to betting technology firm CG Technology, which operates sportsbooks across the US, more fans had bet on the Browns to win it all than the Falcons.

Because so few bettors took action on the Falcons, the sports books are in a great position with Atlanta going into the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Right now, the Pats are just three-point favorites over the Falcons after the latter’s decisive performance, dismantling Green Bay at the Georgia Dome on Sunday.

The Patriots were the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl all year, attracting more bets than any other team. But the odds were kept low enough that the books will still turn a healthy profit on a Pats win.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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