After Losing By 49 to The Mavs, Kobe Offers To Help The Team: ‘I’m Always a Phone Call Away’



Sunday night at American Airlines Arena, the Los Angeles Lakers were absolutely smacked in the face by the Dallas Mavericks to the tune of a 49-point loss, dropping the team to 16-32 on the season, 15th in the Western Conference.

It’s gotten so bad that Co-owner Jeanie Buss met with Magic Johnson last week as part of her search to get advice on how to fix this sinking ship. Recently retired legend Kobe Bryant went on record stating if the team needed any sort of help, he is just a phone call away.

“I’m always around behind the scenes for Jeanie, Jimmy, and the entire Buss family if they need assistance or if it be to reach out or call for advice and things of that nature,” Bryant told Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio.

“Now, being front and center about it, it’s not something that is really my cup of tea. I’d rather be behind the scenes and focus on the content I’m creating because that’s where my passion truly lies, but the Buss family knows that I’m always a phone call away.”

Having caught “a handful of games” this season, Bryant preached patience for the Baby Lakers who are learning to crawl before making any kind of playoff run.

“I think (head coach) Luke (Walton) is doing a fine job,” Bryant said. “It’s tough because you have to teach players how to play within a structure, and within that structure you have a myriad of options that you must be able to recognize and take advantage of. If one player is taking advantage of them, the other four on the floor must understand where their opportunity is and they can read and react accordingly.

“It’s very difficult to teach that to a group of young guys so fast, so I think patience is the key word here.”

The Lakers have currently in the midst of a franchise worst 3-straight years of missing the playoffs and well on their way to their 4th.

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