Did Wilson Troll Patriots with Deflated Football Tweet Immediately After AFC Championship Win? (Tweets)

Wilson trolls Patriots

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Wilson, makers of the official football of the NFL, did not waste any time following the New England Patriots win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. Their official Twitter account trolled Tom Brady and the boys almost immediately. Or at least, it seemed like they did.

Take a look:

Get it? Deflategate? Tom Brady letting the air out of footballs during the 2015 AFC Championship Game? The huge investigation? The lawsuits and the appeals? The four game suspension?

Technically Wilson’s tweet could have been a coincidence. Maybe they just wanted to remind everyone that they make special footballs just for the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a coincidence as far as social media is concerned. If it seems like a dig, it’s a dig. And to social media, that Wilson tweet definitely seemed like a dig. Take a look:

Nice work, Wilson. This is the most hype your brand has seen since…you know.

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