Hooters in Massachusetts Offers Steelers’ Hotel Fire Alarm Puller Free Wings

Steelers Hotel Fire Alarm

This past Sunday, New England Patriots fan Dennis Harrison got in his car in the early morning hours and headed over to the hotel where the Pittsburgh Steelers were staying so he could set off the fire alarm.

Nobody was shocked and #FireAlarmGate was born.

Harrison was arrested as he attempted to flee the scene and is currently facing minor charges for the offense, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

Hooters Restaurant of Saugus in Massachusetts wants to reward Harrison for his efforts by giving him some free wings. They posted the news on their Facebook account on Monday.

“Free wings if your name is Dennis Harrison” along with the caption “#FolkHero #FalseAlarm #SleepTightBigBen”.

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They have since deleted the post.

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