Watch John Daly Working His World-Renowned Debauchery in this Terrifying Clip (Video)

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We know the 411 on Jon Daly and have for a while now. He’s a little petulant, he loves bright pants, he smokes mid-round, and he’s got enough ex-wives to field a baseball team.

Judging by that description, you’re already formed your impression of him without meeting him. He’s a big, fat, party animal.

Operating under the “party” umbrella, he’s always driving golf balls out of fans’ mouths as they lie very, very still.

And because this is John Daly, a man of luxury, we get two shots, one on each person.

Here’s clip #1

…and clip #2

That’s our Daly! Now, let’s hope next time he gets the shakes at least a little bit so he can knock someone’s teeth out for our own amusement, right?

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