Pacman Jones Kicked Out of Casino for Being Belligerent to Staff and Patrons Prior to Arrest (Video)

pacman jones kicked out of casino

Earlier this week the world saw video of the (latest) Pacman Jones arrest on January 3. In it the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback can be heard telling a police officer, “suck my d***” and “I hope you die.”

Today a new report indicates that Pacman’s trouble did not start at the Hyatt. Earlier that night Jones was kicked out of Casino’s JACK Casino after he allegedly got belligerent with casino staff and patrons.

The Cincinnati PD confirmed to TMZ that Jones was “acting disorderly” on the night of January 3, and that security and police escorted him out of the building. According to witnesses, Jones was verbally abusive to employees before turning his attention to a fellow patron who had been recording his tirade on his cell phone.

Pacman’s lawyer paints a slightly different picture of the evening. He admits that Jones and his friends were being loud. However, he says the men were gambling for hours and nobody complained about the loudness until they started winning. The lawyer says Pacman and friends then left the casino “without incident.”

Video shot by a casino patron and obtained by TMZ of Pacman and friends getting escorted out suggests the lawyer’s idea of what constitutes an “incident” is not the same as everyone else’s idea. Jones is very loud and argumentative and definitely makes a scene.

Take a look:

Jones has already apologized for his arrest, saying he is embarrassed by his actions and will look into anger management classes.

Based on this new video, that sounds like a pretty good idea.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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