Keyshawn Johnson: ‘Edelman & Other Pats WR’s Wouldn’t Be on Any Other Roster Because They’re Products of a System

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When you think of the best wide receivers in the league today or the best over the last 5 years, chances are you wouldn’t name a single one from the New England Patriots.

Like many years, the Patriots don’t have a clear cut ‘Elite’ wide receiver heading into the Super Bowl—unlike their Super Bowl LI opponents, the Atlanta Falcons, who have Julio Jones at the position.

Clearly, the Pats aren’t struggling at the position, as Julian Edelman finished fourth in the NFL this season with 98 receptions.  But former NFL WR Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t think too highly of the Patriots wideouts, no matter who it is.

During an appearance Thursday on Atlanta’s 92.9 “The Fan,” Johnson suggested that Patriots WR’s are nothing more than a product of their system.

“When you see guys that fail and play for other teams at the receiver position, they can go to New England and excel and everybody goes, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God, these receivers are top in the game,’” Johnson said, via “Well, they couldn’t excel with other teams because of the system. If they were on other teams right now, they probably wouldn’t be on the 53-man roster.”

“It is the system and it is Tom Brady,” Johnson continued. “As long as they are precise and are doing everything they are supposed to do — which is the reason they are there for the Patriots, because they don’t make the mistakes — that is why they excel.

“You get a high-caliber wide receiver with the Patriots, typically they probably aren’t going to do what they are supposed to do. They are going to freelance a little bit because they have that luxury to do that because of their ability.”

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