REPORT: Oklahoma City is Intrigued By The Idea of Trading For Carmelo Anthony

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With the trade deadline approaching, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson is feverishly trying to get star Carmelo Anthony out of town as their relationship has turned completely rotten.

Jackson has already reached out to Cleveland after LeBron’s comments of needing another playmaker, but the Cavs declined a Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony trade.

Phil also reached out to the Los Angeles Clippers & Boston Celtics, as Melo has stated he would waive his no-trade clause for those two teams, but so far nothing has progressed.

In comes another team who is intrigued with the idea, and if the money and players work, they would be willing to trade for Melo.

This Westbrook-Carmelo pairing would probably look like something similar to Melo being paired with Allen Iverson in Denver. It just didn’t work out.

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