Russell Westbrook Rips Charles Barkley for His Turrible Fashion Sense (Videos)

russell westbrook rips charles barkley fashion sense

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has a long-running feud with Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, and the subject of this feud is fashion. Basically, Westbrook likes to wear weird outfits, Barkley thinks Westbrook looks stupid, and he has no problem saying that on live television.

Here is Barkley’s reaction to Westbrook’s attire prior to Game 1 of OKC’s second-round series against San Antonio last spring:

And here is Westbrook getting his revenge during an interview with Jimmy Fallon a few weeks later:

On Thursday night the feud was revived when it was pointed out on Inside the NBA that Barkley himself used to make some pretty questionable fashion choices:

Given that stunning revelation, David Aldridge just had to ask Westbrook for a comment when he interviewed him after his 45-point performance in OKC’s win over the Mavericks.

Naturally, Westbrook was more than happy to oblige:

I think I speak for everyone on the internet when I say Charles Barkley and Russell Westbrook just need to settle this thing with a walk-off.

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