This Chainsmokers Parody About Tom Brady Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be (Video)

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There’s so much hype surrounding NFL icon Tom Brady that I half-expected this song to be done by the real Chainsmokers, rather than a couple unknown (but very talented) fans.

It’s spot on, sounds good, and is very funny. I don’t know what else you’d want from a parody song. Well, I guess you’d want a better song than “Closer” to serve as the inspiration, but the terribleness of this song goes a long way for the humor.

Take a look. Bump it. Dance. Play it loud. LIVE.

If you’re stuck at work and can’t listen, you probably know the song well enough that you can put these fake lyrics in the context:

So Brady pull me closer
To more Super Bowl exposure
Raise that MVP award
While you’re hoisted on our shoulders
Throw that pass that beats the corner
Off that pump fake that you sold
To your teammate Amendola
TD Edelman, it’s over!

Nice work, Ian Biggs of Connecticut.

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