Taj Gibson: ‘Younger Bulls Want Dwyane Wade To Practice More’

Dwyane Wade Throat Slash Bulls Debut

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Practice? Practice? We talking about practice?

This past week, Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade called out the younger players on the squad for not wanting it more, but according to the younger guys, they expect a better effort from him too.

According to the Bulls’ Taj Gibson, the younger players would respond better if the 35-year-old Dwyane Wade would actually practice with his team more, something he has done little of since joining the team last summer.

“That’s one of the things in the meeting: Young guys just want a little bit more from him,” Gibson told ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “And he brung it today. He pushed the young guys. And that’s a sign that that meeting did a little something.”

“It’s all about positive,” Gibson said. “We’re not trying to have any negative aspects, anything like that. We got everybody against us right now. The only people who are going to help us out of this is ourselves. And we understand that. And (executive VP John Paxson) said it in the meeting yesterday, too.”

“As far as practice today, Wade has been practicing,” Hoiberg said. “He’s been practicing the last couple weeks pretty much every day that we’ve had off. He’s been a good influence, I think, for the young guys.”
Wade and Butler’s comments from last week prompted controversial PG Rajon Rondo to post a lengthy message about how Pierce & Garnett would have handled this situation differently during his Boston Celtics days.

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