Marshawn Lynch Travels to Scotland to Talk Skittles and the Super Bowl (Video)


Marshawn Lynch might not be playing anymore, but he’s certainly still a big ambassador for the game that treated him so well. He made the trip this weekend to the appropriately named Houston, Scotland to educate them on the Super Bowl and…just sorta hang out, I guess.

It did lead to this awesome quote from Lynch, though: “You know it’s in Houston right? Not this Houston. But the other Houston. I heard this Houston was the first Houston.”

I’m pretty sure Houston, Scotland was aware they weren’t hosting the Super Bowl this year. Though that would be amazing.

Here’s the video of his trip, brought to you, of course, by his favorite candy, Skittles:

Wow. That really does look like a beautiful place. And the man really knows his way around a bike.

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