Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr Team Up for Buick Super Bowl Ad (Video)

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We’ve all had the dream of going back to our grade-school sports days as adults, wreaking havoc on the field against smaller, less experienced kids. Well, Cam Newton got to live out that dream in this Buick commercial that puts the NFL MVP in a Pee-Wee game to somehow advertise a Buick convertible.

We also get a guest spot from Miranda Kerr, supermodel extraordinaire, but it’s really about Cam running things in a kids’ football game.

Here it is:

It’s not a super-clever or hilarious ad, but schooling a bunch of little kids is something we’ve all thought about doing once we’re past our glory days.

The spot’s called “Not So Pee Wee Football,” and it doesn’t even tell us the name of the Buick we see, which I’m kind of grateful for.

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