Charles Barkley Once Missed a Game Because He Got Lotion in His Eyes at an Eric Clapton Concert (Video)

charles barkley lotion eric clapton concert story

Last week Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter suffered a rather embarrassing self-inflicted injury when he punched a chair. So on Tuesday night TNT’s Inside the NBA crew got to talking about bizarre injuries.

First Shaq talked about the time he did too many sit ups and then tore his abs trying to pull off a difficult dunk. Then Kenny Smith talked about the time he got his finger stuck in another player’s jersey.

When the time came for Charles Barkley to share his embarrassing injury story, he tried to talk about the time somebody kicked him. However, turns out it was all just a setup. Studio ringleader Ernie Johnson really just wanted to talk about the time Chuck missed a game because he got lotion in his eyes at an Eric Clapton concert.

They even had an intern photoshop an image of Barkley crowdsurfing at a Clapton concern, bottle of lotion in hand.

Take a look:

Chuck’s been taking a lot of grief from his co-workers recently. But I guess it’s like they say— what goes around comes around.

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