Gronk Runs a Very Bizarre Dry Cleaning Business in this Tide Super Bowl Spot (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 8.29.55 AM

It’s hard to imagine what Rob Gronkowski would be suited to do, career wise, if he wasn’t a football player. This Tide commercial, co-starring Jeffrey Tambor, takes a stab at the question, but only gives us half an answer.

In what seems to be the first in a series of ads, Tambor comes in to pick up his dry cleaning, only to discover that Gronk has ripped the sleeves off his dress shirt. The premise may not sound too funny, but the ad’s worth it just for the completely random death stare that Gronk gives his customer as the laundry spins around.

Here it is:

I would give Gronk’s cleaners my business. Even if it meant I had cold arms all the time.

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