Justin Bieber Was Mic’d Up When Chris Pronger Smashed Him Into the Glass (Video)

pronger crushes bieber

As you probably know, Justin Bieber is Canadian. And like all Canadians, Justin Bieber plays hockey. In fact, he’s actually pretty good.

Of course, pretty good is a relative term. Like, Bieber is pretty good at hockey compared to, say, a bunch of amateurs in Atlanta or Los Angeles. He’s not pretty good compared to a bunch of NHL legends.

That was made readily apparent during the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout in Los Angeles on Saturday. While Bieber definitely held his own, he wasn’t exactly scoring at will. And physically Biebs was totally overmatched, as we all saw when Hall of Fame defenseman Chris Pronger smashed him into the boards face-first.

Bieber still had a lot of fun, though. He even seems to have enjoyed getting smashed into the boards by one of the nastiest NHL players of all time.

We know this because Bieber was mic’d up for the Celebrity Shootout, and the mic caught all sorts of amusing conversations and trash talk. Take a look:


Like I said, Bieber really is pretty good for a celebrity. But it’s a good thing he has the singing and dancing thing to fall back on.

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