Manning Tells Story How He Once Drove Through The Night To Try & Recruit Randy Moss For Tennessee

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A young Peyton Manning and Randy Moss playing together in the NFL would have been almost illegal had they ever teamed up, but it never came close to being a reality.

During’s signing day show on Wednesday, Manning revealed he had a shot to play with Moss back in college, but ultimately failed to recruit him after driving all night to give his best shot.

“I had a pretty good percentage, but I remember the one that I missed on,” Manning said, according to Daniel Lewis of “I was dating my wife, my girlfriend at the time, Ashley, who went to the University of Virginia. I was on a weekend with her up in Charlottesville. Coach Fulmer – and this was before cell phones, nobody’s going to even know what I’m talking about – he called by answering phone at my house.

“I call the voicemail at my house, or apartment, in Knoxville, checked the voicemail, and Coach Fulmer said, ‘Hey Peyton, we have one of the best receivers ever coming, you’ve gotta come back and watch the basketball game with this kid, he’s unbelievable.’ His name was Randy Moss. I drove all the way back in the middle of the night, gave him my best shot, didn’t work out.”

Not many realize that Moss opted to go to Notre Dame before transferring to Florida State and eventually ending his collegiate career at Marshall because of drug-related issues.

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