New Zealand Cricket Commentator Calls Match While Getting Vasectomy, Because That’s a Normal Thing to Do (Video)

cricket commentary vasectomy

Yes, internet, you read that headline correctly. On Sunday a New Zealand cricket commentator called the one-day international cricket match between New Zealand and Australia while undergoing a vasectomy.

Who? Why? How? WTF? These are just some of the many questions running through your head right now. Unfortunately, I only have some of the answers.

The who is Mike Lane of the Alternative Commentary Collective. The Alternative Commentary Collective describes itself as “a galaxy of cricketing cult heroes, has-beens and never-wills” that provides alternative comedic “ball-by-ball commentary and uninformed analysis to Kiwi cricket fans.”

Normally the ACC broadcasts from the inside of a 1975 camper van parked on the edge of the field. (Really!) However, for Sunday’s match against Australia, they decided to have Mike Lane call in remotely and provide his analysis while getting his vas deferens snipped so he can’t make any more babies.

Naturally, because this is 2017, they streamed the whole procedure on Facebook Live. Though, thankfully, they kept the camera trained on Lane’s face.

Take a look:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s probably the first time a sports commentator has undergone any medical procedure while calling a game, let alone a vasectomy.


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