Justin Bieber, T.O., and Gronk Bring Their Huge Personalities to This T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad (Video)

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What do T.O., Justin Bieber, and Rob Gronkowski have in common?

Nothing really. Well, T.O. and Gronk both played football, but not at the same time. Now, though, they’re all sharing the spotlight in a T-Mobile ad that takes us through a brief history of player celebrations, as told to us by none other that Justin Bieber.

To his credit, he’s not very obnoxious here, sort of playing it straight. The same can’t be said for Terrell or Rob, who ham it up as an old-school football player and a caveman, respectively. And naturally.

Take a look:

You’re now a student of football history. Completely made-up, nonsense football history. Thanks, T-Mobile!

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