Jimmy Fallon Uses Puppies to Predict the Super Bowl…Again (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 8.55.24 AM

While Kimmel was going nuts with the Mean Tweets, and Conan was in Houston doing Clueless Gamer, Jimmy Fallon was in New York, doing something that involved herding up a bunch of puppies and releasing them for the purposes of a Super Bowl prediction.

It’s cute, but everything from Fallon is “cute.”

The premise is simple enough. He lays out two bowls of food, one marked Patriots and the other, Falcons. Then he counts the puppies that eat from each bowl.

It’s quite possibly the least scientific thing ever done, but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it?

Here we go:

Faclons win. Place your bets accordingly.

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