Report: Johnny Manziel To Volunteer For Drug Testing

Johnny Manziel Grand Jury Case

Big, if true.

Former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel took to Twitter back in January to state that he was going to turn his life around in 2017 and stop being the ‘douche’ he was back in 2016.

“No lie.. I was a douche in 2016 I’m just trying to be a good PERSON again#LostInTheSauce”

“Haven’t been this happy in a long time man. I appreciate all the people in my life who reached out during the truly rough patches in ’16”

He even went so far as to delete his Twitter account because he ‘needs to shut the hell up’ and get to work.

“Twitter has been nothing but a distraction for me,” the former Heisman winner explained. “I’ve said all I can say. Now I need to shut the hell up and work on bettering myself and my situation.”

On Friday, he took yet another step towards making himself a better person, working his way back into the NFL, and convincing teams that he is serious about turning things around.

A source told Sporting News that Manziel soon plans to volunteer for testing under the NFL’s drug policy as part of his comeback attempt.

Manziel is considered a “Stage Two” offender under the league’s drug policy, which would subject him to random drug testing if signed by an NFL team. By volunteering for testing beforehand, Manziel would be showing potentially interested clubs he is committed to trying to salvage an NFL career that went off the rails during two seasons in Cleveland.

Manziel already has started working with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. in an effort to improve his game and get back into football shape.”

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