Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis Square off in ‘Lip Sync Battle’, with a Little Help from Nelly (Video)

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Adding to the litany of Super Bowl-themed TV events last night, Lip Sync Challenge pitted NFL stars Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis against each other.  And they offered up two songs so different, you can’t really compare them.

Tony did Devo’s “Whip It,” decked out in full new-wave gear, while Lewis went a little more traditional with Nelly’s “Hot in Herrrrrrrre” (The number of r’s there might be incorrect, but it felt right.)

Here’s the action, featuring a surprise appearance by Nelly who, believe it or not, didn’t help out Tony Gonzalez with his Devo effort:

Is Nelly enough to give Lewis the advantage, despite the fact that Gonzalez clearly had the better outfits?


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