Watch This Sad, Sad Video of Stores Removing Their Presumptuous ‘Falcons Super Bowl Champs’ Gear (Video)


When it comes to selling Super Bowl champs gear, you’ve got a short window to act. No one’s gonna buy that hat in six weeks, so you have to have all the gear pre-made, ready to sell. Unfortunately, that means you also have to eat about half your inventory when the team that doesn’t win…doesn’t win.

Such is the case in this video which shows a store removing all their recently placed Falcons Super Bowl Champs gear.

Losing hurts. And not just the players:

I guess when a team’s up 28-3, you go ahead and start hanging the stuff up.

Whoops. A lot of effort for nothing, but I’m sure the gear will find a good home with needy kids and families.

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