Tom Brady SAVAGELY Takes A Shot At Roger Goodell In Commercial After EPIC Super Bowl Win (Video)

tom brady commercial five super bowl rings

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl on Sunday. However, it almost didn’t happen. The Pats trailed 21-0 at one point in the first half and 28-9 at the end of the third quarter. If not for a huge sack by Trey Flowers and that ridiculous catch by Julian Edelman a few minutes later, the Atlanta Falcons would be Super Bowl champions, Matt Ryan would have his first Super Bowl MVP award, and we would not have this post-Super Bowl commercial in which Tom Brady shows off his fifth Super Bowl ring.

Oh, that’s right. Tom Brady filmed a commercial bragging about winning a fifth Super Bowl BEFORE HE ACTUALLY WON A FIFTH SUPER BOWL.

Take a look at this:

That was actually just an alternate ending to be run if Brady won Super Bowl LI. Here is the original four-ring version:

Still, you have to wonder what Brady and his agent were thinking here. If the Patriots had lost, were they just going to kill everyone who worked on this commercial and set fire to the server storing this video? Because that’s the ONLY way the alternate ending would not have leaked out. And had that happened, the internet would have lost it’s shit blaming Brady for jinxing the Pats.

Ballsy move, you smug bastards.

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