Atlanta Kids Were Late to School on Monday Morning for the Funniest Reasons (Pic)

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 8.24.23 AM

If you’re of the mind that the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday should be a holiday, you’re not alone. It’s a refrain we commonly hear. But if you think it’s just among those who are nursing post-game hangovers, think again.

A quick snapshot of an Atlanta area sign-in sheet for late students shows that little ones can suffer the same maladies as grown-up sports fans when their team completely falls apart.

Take a look:

“Failed to Rise Up.”

“Falcons Depression.”

Not the type of reaction you want to see following your team’s Super Bowl appearance, but pretty damn funny nonetheless.

I wonder what the Pats fans’ sign-in sheets looked like. Looting, “drinking till late,” and “nocturnal Tom Brady fantasies” probably all fit the bill.

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