Michael Vick Already Thinking About NFL Comeback Thanks to Tom Brady (Video)

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Michael Vick has been retired for less than a week, but he’s already thinking about an NFL comeback.

The 4x Pro Bowler announced last Tuesday that he was retiring after 13 years in the NFL—and of course two years in prison. He even threw himself a retirement party at Houston’s Groove nightclub the night before the Super Bowl. However, on Monday Vick told the folks at TMZ Sports that 39-year-old Tom Brady has inspired him to reconsider the finality of his retirement.

“I’m gonna keep my options open,” he said when asked if there was any chance we might see him working out with a team next year. “As of right now I’m officially retired, but what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna continue to work out. I’m gonna get myself in tip-top shape and just leave the door open. You know things happen throughout the course of the season where guys don’t make it though, guys get hurt. I gotta lot of relationships with a lot of coaches around the league. I don’t think I should discredit that service. I should always be serviceable and accessible just in case somebody need me one day.”

Of course, Vick failed to find work at all in 2016 after serving as a backup with the Eagles, Jets, and Steelers from 2013-15. At this point it’s highly unlikely that teams are going to turn to him in desperation. So it’s a good thing he’s got other hobbies.

“The retired life is great,” Vick said. “Like right now I’m about to step out on the course to do 18 holes.”

Take a look:

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