Salty Falcons Fan Carved “ATL” & “F-ck You Patriots” All Over A Guy’s Car Because His Team Lost (Video)

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Some people take sports way too seriously and way too far with their actions.

After the Atlanta Falcons squandered a 25-point lead in the second half before ultimately losing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, a Houston man got the shock of a lifetime when he walked out to his car and saw that it was tampered with.

“A Houston man says upset Atlanta Falcons fans left thousands of dollars of damage to his vehicle.

“It’s pretty extensive damage,” Juaamne Peterson said. “Even went to the hood of the vehicle.”

Peterson says his SUV was parked outside a bar in the Galleria-area. After the Super Bowl, he went to his vehicle to find “ATL” and “F-U Patriots” carved all over it.

“Honestly, I was pissed,” he said.

No other cars were damaged and there were no cameras in sight. Peterson, a Green Bay Packers fan, says he’ll just take the loss.

“It’s ignorance. You know it’s uncalled for, there’s bigger things going on in the world than the football game and outcome of a game,” he added.”

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