Canadian Farmer Pulled Over for Trying to Clear Snow…with a Zamboni (Pic)

canadian uses zamboni to clear snow

A Canadian man was trying to clear snow from local roads earlier this week when he was pulled over for police.

The problem? The man was not using a snow plow. He was using a zamboni.

Marko Kardum, a farmer from Saanich, British Columbia, doesn’t have anything against plows or snowblowers. He just wanted to see if the zamboni would work.

“We had that heavy snow last night so we wanted to see if the Zamboni would do a better job,” Kardum told The Times Colonist. “So we took it out and we got it up to my aunt’s house and back and that’s when we got pulled over.”

Kardum, 32, had purchased the miniature zamboni in an online auction thinking maybe he could use it to tackle day-to-day farm duties such as spreading manure.

““It was $300, how could I not buy it?”

According to Saanich PD’s Sgt. Paul Brailey, the problem with Kardum’s zamboni-snow-removal experiment was twofold. For one thing, the zamboni is not insured. For another, while the machine cleared the top layer of snow, it packed the bottom layer down nice and tight, only making things worse for cars.

Fortunately, the police determined that Kardum’s intentions were good and not reckless. So they let him off with a warning.


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