Report: Adrian Wojnarowski Looking to Move From YAHOO to ESPN


This is a whole new definition to Wojbomb.

Yahoo sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski is known for dropping bombs or breaking news with all things NBA related.  Everybody also knows he is a staple at Yahoo, as he signed a long-term deal with them which included his own site and podcast.

According to Deadspin, that will likely change within the next few months as rumors have him switching from Yahoo to ESPN.

“NBA scoopmaster Adrian Wojnarowski is close to an agreement to leave Yahoo and join ESPN, according to multiple sources, a huge shakeup in the basketball reporting world that will have a wider-reaching effects beyond where you get your news. And according to one source, Wojnarowski isn’t the only Yahoo basketball journalist that will move to ESPN.

Wojnarowski and Yahoo signed a four-year contract worth over $6 million. According to a source, Wojnarowski’s exit from Yahoo is complicated, and will likely take months to fully sort out. It isn’t clear if the contract has an escape clause, or if ESPN or Wojnarowski is paying Yahoo a buyout, or something else.”

Over the past year, ESPN has seen a bunch of its talent leave for Fox Sports, so this would be a huge addition.

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