Tom Brady Captions Photos of Himself Giving Up Pick Six to Robert Alford in Super Bowl (Pics)

tom brady captions photo pick six robert alford

Tom Brady is captioning photos of himself from Sunday’s big game on Instagram. Because I guess now that the season is over and he has that fifth ring, he’s just got nothing better to do.

Of course, we already told you what he had to say about that shot of him hanging his head on the sidelines. But it turns out that wasn’t the only photo he captioned.

Brady posted six things on IG on Monday, giving each one a caption. First there was this one of his whole family:

It takes a team. And so much love. #NeverStopBelieving

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And yes, that is fellow Boston sports legend Kevin Youkillis. Remember, he’s married to Tom Brady’s sister.

Here’s Brady getting all mushy about his kids, which I guess is cool:

My everything

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Here’s Brady demonstrating his thorough understanding of internet culture by telling everyone to “catch” him at the Super Bowl parade:

Catch me at the parade How Bout Dat

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For the record, Tom, it’s cash me, not catch me. Good try though.

And last but not least—in fact, they’re last and best—here is Brady making fun of himself for the pick six by Atlanta’s Robert Alford, which he probably wouldn’t have been doing had the Pats lost the game:

“I got this.”

A photo posted by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

A photo posted by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

Nice work, Tommy. Keep the dad jokes coming.

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