Watch Barack Obama Suit up and Play Pro Ball…in ‘NBA 2K17’

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 8.53.53 AM

I’m not sure why someone would go through all the trouble of creating Barack Obama as a playable character in a basketball video game, then NOT put him on the Chicago Bulls. Maybe with Dwyane Wade they just don’t need a shooting guard, which is where I imagine Obama plays in his pickup games.

Anyway, if you wanted to see him fulfill his hoops dreams, here ya go:

If you weren’t convinced enough to watch, you should anyway,  just for the (terrible) voice impersonation and the dream sequence leading up to the action on the court. They’re both pretty funny.

I think it’s the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Obama on a pro court, but I’m sure a few teams would be willing to try him out with a ten-day contract.

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