Medical Records Show Kimbo Slice Had Heart Murmur Before His Last Fight

Kimbo Slice medical records

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The state of Texas has released medical records for Kimbo Slice. They reveal that the late MMA fighter was diagnosed with a slight heart murmur prior to his final fight against Dhafir Harris, a.k.a. Dada 5000, at Bellator 149 last February.

Kimbo Slice, real name Kevin Ferguson, died of heart failure at the age of 42 on June 6, 2016. It was later learned that he had been waiting for a heart transplant.

Bloody Elbow recently obtained Ferguson’s medical records from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation after making several Public Information Requests. Presumably the reason they sought the records was to figure out how somebody who was awaiting a heart transplant in June was cleared to take part in an MMA fight just four months earlier.

The documents show that Ferguson’s blood pressure and heart rate were normal for an adult over the age of 35. However, his physician indicated that he had a heart murmur graded 2/6, which is considered a “slight murmur” that is “soft but readily detected.”

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In the absence of additional symptoms, “slight murmurs” generally require no medical care. However, if a physician is concerned they are likely to order an electrocardiogram.

Feguson was required to submit an EKG test to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation because he was over the age of 35. However, the TDLR did not release the results of that test to Bloody Elbow.

None of this necessarily means anybody did anything wrong with regard to Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson’s final MMA fight. But it does raise more questions.

Stay tuned.

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