Shaun Livingston Says People Call The Warriors Soft Because They Have ‘Light-Skinned Guys’ (Video)


The Golden State Warriors are once again running through the league with ease, owning a league-best 44-8 record as they get ready to head into the all-star break.

Despite dismantling teams with such ease, many still look at the Warriors as a soft squad. Besides Draymond Green and Zaza Pachulia, nobody on the Warriors are looked at as being tough.

Warriors stud reserve guard Shaun Livingston seems to think he knows why they have that reputation, and it’s a peculiar one.

“Maybe because it’s a bunch of light-skinned guys out there they thinking we ain’t as tough,” he told a scrum of reporters on Wednesday as the Warriors prepared to play the Chicago Bulls. “Whatever the appearance may be, you have to get over that because the proof is in the pudding after three years.”


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