Awesome Fans Chant “Charles Oakley” and “Free Oaklay” at New York Rangers Game (Videos)

rangers fans chant charles oakley

We may never know who really started the argument that eventually got Charles Oakley ejected from the Knicks game and arrested on Wednesday. The Knicks say Oakley started it. Oakley says Knicks chairman James Dolan started it.

What we do know is that Dolan and the Madison Square Garden Company, which owns the Knicks and the New York Rangers, are definitely losing the PR battle. New York sports fans LOVE Charles Oakley. They HATE James Dolan. His chronic mismanagement has turned the Knicks, a formerly proud franchise, into the laughing stock of the NBA, second only to the Sacramento Kings in their ability to infuriate their own fans.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Dolan’s ineptitude is his inability to learn from any of their mistakes. Case in point: this scene from Thursday night’s New York Rangers game. In the third period, fans started breaking out into chants of “Char-les Oak-ley!” and “Fre-e Oak-ley!”

Take a listen:


What SHOULD the Madison Square Garden security have done about this? Nothing. They should have done nothing at all.

What DID the Madison Square Garden security do? They tried to eject the fan leading the chants. Seriously. Here’s an account of the confrontation a fan shared with Deadspin:

“It started in the 2nd period and the guy started a ‘Char-Les Oak-Ley!’ chant. Then in the in 3rd, the same guy started a ‘Fr-ee Oak-ley!’ chant. Security just comes up to him and tells him he’s gone. The guy says I was just chanting and did nothing wrong. That back and forth is what you’re seeing in the video. It was completely unprovoked and the guy did nothing wrong. Security started to gather at both ends of the section, but once they saw cameras out and people saying that he did nothing wrong, they left.”

The fan captured the confrontation on video. You can view it over at Deadspin. It shows exactly what the fan describes.

Apparently nobody ever told James Dolan the customer is always right.

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