Charles Barkley Calls Charles Oakley’s Arrest a ‘Black Eye for the Entire Sport’….What? (Video)

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Charles Oakley, a legendary hardass NBA enforcer and best friend of Michael Jordan, occupies a strange spot in the heart of players and fans. So when he got booted Wednesday from MSG, then arrested for assault, most people were simply wondering what the hell happened, but Charles Barkley, naturally, had a different slant on the matter:

He said:

“I thought that it made the Knicks look bad, it made Charles Oakley look bad and it made the NBA look bad. Plain and simple. There was no winners. We all are losers. Our job, we get paid to promote the NBA, the Knicks are an awful basketball team, they have been disrespectful to Carmelo Anthony, but this was a black eye for the entire sport. Plain and simple. Like I said, everybody looked bad. It makes us look bad because we’re supposed to put a good product out there, and that was just a bad night for the NBA. Plain and simple.”

The Knicks also released a statement saying, basically, that Oakley’s a bad dude with some mental issues he needs to work out. That rubbed Shaq, Barkley’s Inside the NBA co-host, the wrong way as well:

Let’s hope this matter gets put to bed quickly, because there just aren’t any likable parties involved.

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