Draymond Green Compares OKC Fans To an Ex-Girlfriend For Treatment of Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder

While wearing one of the many cupcake shirts that were handed out to OKC fans before the game, Draymond Green proceeded to compare the heckling OKC Thunder fans to a jilted ex-lover because of their treatment of Kevin Durant.

“I think some way down the line they’ll figure out a way to appreciate what he’s done. It’s like if you break up with your girlfriend. The first time you see her you’re probably gonna try to do something to know she miss you. It’s the same thing here,” Green said.

“The first time they see you, they’re going to do something to make him feel like he shouldn’t have left here. That’s fine, and maybe the second time too. But I think as the years go on, as time goes all, all wounds heal over time.”

Durant came in and dropped 34 points in the Warriors blowout win over OKC to go 3-0 on the season against his former club. Draymond gave Durant props for how he handled the hostile environment on Saturday night.

“I know KD is the kind of guy who feeds off that … I’ve been on the wrong end of that, I know what fuels him. Talking trash to him isn’t the right thing to do. You probably want to take a nicer approach, but talking to him like that, you wake up an entirely different beast and not many people can stop that beast.”

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