5th-Grade Basketball Team Chooses to Forfeit Season Rather Than Kick Girls Off the Squad (Video)


It’s not often you see little kids stand up to things on principle, but when you do, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes people don’t need to be coached or convinced to do the right thing.

A fifth-grade basketball team in New Jersey learned that, because they had played two girls in a non-coed league, two of their wins had been vacated.  On top of that, if they didn’t boot the girls from the squad, they face cancellation of their season.

Well, rather than kick the girls off, the team went ahead and canceled their season themselves, saving the league the effort.

All eleven players had decided unanimously on the matter, and when they took the court against a team, they were told that there would be no game with the girls on the roster. The other team left, but the squad with the girls stayed, scrimmaged themselves, then had a pizza party.

Sounds like they know what they’re doing, doesn’t it?

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