In Midst of Charles Oaklay Fiasco, Knicks Welcome Latrell Spreewell Back to Madison Square Garden (Pic + Video)

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Knicks chairman James Dolan is currently waging a PR war. He thinks he is waging this war on franchise great Charles Oakley. He is really waging it on himself. And he is definitely losing.

As you probably know, last Wednesday the Knicks ejected franchise great Charles Oakley from Madison Square Garden and had him arrested for assault. After that, Dolan claimed that Oakley has a drinking problem. Then he fired his head of security, saying Oakley should never even have been let in the building.

On Sunday night, with the San Antonio Spurs in town, Dolan actually trolled Charles Oakley by bringing back another former Knicks player with whom he had a feud: Latrell Spreewell. Spreewell led the Knicks to the NBA Finals—against the Spurs—in 1999. However, he got into a feud with Dolan after being traded in 2003 and had not been invited back to Madison Square Garden since.

Now, with everybody upset about the Charles Oakley incident, Dolan thought it would be the perfect time to bring Spreewell back for a celebration of the Knicks’ last appearance in the NBA Finals. And Dolan sat Spreewell right next to himself, Larry Johnson and Bernard King in the front row.

The Knicks also put together a little Latrell Spreewell highlight reel:


So what did Knicks fans think of Dolan’s latest attempt to distract them from the Charles Oakley fiasco? Let’s ask Spike Lee, who wore a Charles Oakley jersey to Sunday night’s contest.


Nope, I guess they’re not impressed.

Just keep digging, Dolan. I’m sure you’ll eventually get out of this hole.

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