Salty LeSean McCoy Blasts Pro Football Focus For Leaving Him Off Top 101 List, Calls Them A ‘Bunch Of Nerds’

LeSean McCoy

A little over a week ago, Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy stated he was the NFL’s best running back when he’s healthy and it wasn’t even close.

“I still feel like healthy, there’s no back that can touch me.”

Pro Football Focus doesn’t seem to think so.  They left him off their top 101 list.

“LeSean McCoy ended the season with 1,267 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground, while also adding 356 receiving yards and another touchdown. He had without a doubt an excellent season, but fell short of the 101 list by a narrow margin. The single biggest thing that kept McCoy out was his performance as a blocker. This may seem like an insignificant thing for a running back, but in today’s league, backs need to be able to pass block, or their quarterbacks are in trouble. That’s why rookie runners often don’t see the field in passing situations, and it’s why complete backs are still such a valuable commodity — they can be trusted to keep their QBs upright.”

McCoy got wind of this information and blasted them on Twitter for it.


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