Prime Minister of Japan Gives Donald Trump $3755 Gold Golf Club (Pic)

donald trump gold golf club shinzo abe

Over the weekend President Donald Trump hosted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan at Mar-a-Lago, the private Palm Beach resort owned by Trump, and the one which, in what is probably just a coincidence, has doubled membership fees to $200,000 since Trump won the election.

What did Trump and Abe do at Mar-a-Lago, besides discuss major international crises in front of a bunch of gawking Facebook-happy one-percenters? They golfed, of course. At the Trump International Golf Club. And apparently the President busted out the gold $3,755 driver Prime Minister Abe sent him back in November after he won the election.

The Street‘s Brian Sozzi reports that the golf club is in fact the Homna Beres 05 S Series driver.

According to the Homna website, with the Beres 05 S driver “the impact caused by hitting balls is converted into effective deflection of the crown, which propagates the deflection and resilience to the surface of the face, creating the longest carry distance and ball speed in the series.”

I have no idea what that means, but it sounds impressive. Equally impressive-sounding is this 10-minute video explaining what I can only assume is the patented Beres 05 S Series driver’s honeycomb technology!

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Prime Minister Abe definitely did his research on Trump. This is exactly the kind of extravagant rich guy nonsense he loves.

Also, for you history buffs out there, yes, traditionally gifts given to the President by heads of state are taken and stored at the National Archive. However, since the fancy golf club was given to Trump before he was sworn in as POTUS 45, I guess he’s just going to use it. And I say why not. We don’t need to use taxpayer money to store $4,000 golf clubs.

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