Arizona Wildcats Baseball Team Recreates Spring Training Scene from ‘Major League’ (Video)

arizona wildcats baseball team recreates major league spring training scene 2

In 2012 the Arizona Wildcats baseball team moved into Hi Corbett Field in Tucson, Arizona. Why is that special? It’s special because, from 1945 through 1992, Hi Corbett Field was the spring training home of the Cleveland Indians. That means the spring training scene from the 1989 classic Major League was filmed there. And this year the Wildcats baseball team has decided to put their home to good use by recreating that iconic scene.

You know the scene we’re talking about—the one where all the players arrive, and a bench coach has to explain to crusty manager Lou Brown who the hell these guys are.

Here’s the original scene in case you are in need of a little refresher:

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Now here is the Wildcats’ remake starring their own players:

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As you can see, they tacked on the Willie Mays Hayes running scene at the end for good measure—a solid creative decision. And with pitchers and catchers across MLB reporting for duty in Florida and Arizona this week, the timing could not be more perfect. I just hope somebody got some school credit for making this video.

Now, raise your hand if you’re totally going to go home and watch Major League tonight.

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