Genie Bouchard Honors Super Bowl Bet, Takes Twitter Guy to Brooklyn Nets Game (Videos)

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During the Super Bowl, when the Patriots were down 21-0, Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard got on Twitter and said the game was over. When one of her fans, a college kid named John Goehrke, bet her a date that the Patriots would come back and win, Genie said sure, why not. Because there was obviously no way that would happen, right?

Well, you know how the game ended. The Patriots did come back and win. So Genie’s Twitter followers immediately began asking her if she would honor the bet.

Now, nobody really would have blamed Genie if she said no. People say stuff all the time that they don’t really mean, and the guy was a total stranger. However, Genie didn’t say no. She said yes. And on Wednesday night Bouchard made good on the bet.

Bouchard was in New York this week for the debut of her spread in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So she flew Goehrke out from Missouri, where he goes to school, and took him to a Brooklyn Nets game.

Needless to say, it was probably the weirdest first date the dude has ever been on. Not only did the pair sit courtside, they also helped fire t-shirts out of the t-shirt cannon and got interviewed by YES sports:

The most amazing thing? Genie and John actually make a pretty cute couple:

Genie with her date! #geniebouchard #eugeniebouchard #geniearmy #bouchard

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On my super bowl twitter date

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And apparently John thinks it was the best first date ever:

He says it’s his best date ever!

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I gotta be honest, that’s not the vibe I got from that video. But hey, the kid got to go to New York and hang out with Genie Bouchard. It couldn’t have been that bad.

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