Gilbert Arenas Tells “Old Thots” To Stay Away From NBA All-Star Weekend: ‘Let The Young Thots Enjoy Life’

Gilbert Arenas

Former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is a first ballot savage hall of famer when it comes to posts on Instagram. He always has something to say.

With the upcoming NBA all-star game at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Arenas took to Instagram to let the older women know not to come down so the young women can shine.

His post reads as follows:

“From 1983 and down ( it’s OVER for you OLD THOTS)leave them young niggas alone….yo bae is probably one of those out of shape ESPN commentators, bankrupt or just joined that new half court league @thebig3 which they season starts in JUNE #StayWokeYoungGirls #allstarweekend2017 is y’all time”


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